Eco-Friendly Tips for Your Hot Tub

Our role in being kind to the environment is more important than ever. Can hot tubs ever be environmentally friendly? Actually, they can, if you’re conscious about conserving water and taking care of your energy consumption. With these tips, you can still enjoy a hot tub without hurting the planet. 

Keep Your Hot Tub Covered

You should cover your hot tub before and after every use, even if you are planning to get back into it later that day. A hot tub cover will help to reduce evaporation, conserve water, and maintain the heat, giving insulation when the hot tub isn’t being used. 

A cover lifter will this process manageable for everyone, so you can still enjoy your hot tub while still thinking about the environment. 

A good quality hot tub cover is good for hot tub maintenance too, as it is needed for insulation and helps to prolong the life of an acrylic tub. A cover will protect the tub will dust, debris, and wildlife, and will reduce the amount of water that gets wasted when you’re trying to fish these things out. 

Hot tub covers should be replaced every three or four years. Over time, the cover will get heavier and start to lose some of its insulation properties due to contact with steam from the water and from general wear and tear. 

It’s normal to experience some water loss due to evaporation, but instead of using water from your home to replenish your hot tub, you could consider collecting rainwater and using that instead. This will make the smaller refills of your hot tub more energy efficient. Just make sure the rainwater is clean and clear before you use it.

Drain Your Hot Tub Water Responsibly

There is no need to waste products if you won’t be putting them to use. When it is time to drain the water from your team, don’t waste chemicals and let the water rest undisturbed to neutralize it for at least three days, with the cover off. 

Most hot tubs have a drain valve either on the bottom or just inside the cabinet. You can use a submersible pump to flush out the water. Make sure you turn off the power and keep the electricity off completely until the tub has been refilled to prevent it from being both a hazard and a waste. 

This is safe because it also preserves the motor. Switching it off will prevent it from burning out. 

It isn’t encouraged to use your drained hot tub water to water your plants, but there are ways that you can do it if you’re smart. If you use quality, regulated chemicals in your tub, it should be safe to use on your plants. Water that has been fully neutralized can be used on your grass if you need to, but you should never dispose of any water that is full of chemicals on grass or around your hot tub foundations. 

It is best practice to use a dechlorinate solution to make sure that the chlorine levels in the water reach 0.

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