What Are Your Favorite Family Halloween Traditions?

We love Halloween around here! In fact, it’s our favorite holiday. We try to visit our mountain home in North Carolina for Halloween; however, we are in Florida this year! So it’s sunshine and pumpkins for us, today!

I’m thinking of wrapping up work early so I can mix up a batch of my famous pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. They are super famous to us – a fall favorite!

When Eben was little (ya’ll he’s 21!), Mr. Sweet Greens used to read us spooky stories in the dark. I might be lucky if Eben watches a horror movie with us tonight!

We like to pack our Octobers with fun fall traditions at our house. It’s even better if we can sneak away to North Carolina to peek at the beautiful fall colors and get a breath of fresh, cool air!┬áBut either way, Halloween together as a family is always fun!

Does your family have Halloween traditions?
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