How to Choose a Venue for Your Eco-Friendly Wedding

Couples are putting more and more importance on being eco-friendly and green in their everyday lives. As well as home and travel choices, any major events should follow this ethos too. According to The Green Bride Guide, 400lbs of rubbish are created by an average wedding. For context, that’s almost as much as 4 people produce in one year, generated in just one day.

A green wedding may sound like a daunting thing to pull off, but it doesn’t need to be. There are plenty of options to make your big day planet-friendly and sustainable. A key factor to success starts with selecting the perfect venue to help you create your dreams. Below are some tips on how to find the perfect place for your eco-friendly wedding.

Select a venue that can host both your ceremony and celebration

Try to choose a wedding venue where you can get legally married and then move on to the meal and dancing without having to travel elsewhere. One popular option these days are rustic barn settings, which can serve as a blank canvas for almost any style of decoration. They’re easily transformed into a ceremony space with the addition of a floral or greenery arch, for example, before becoming the perfect setting for the post-‘I do’ shindig.

If you’re hosting a religious ceremony, try to find a reception venue close to your church to limit traveling. Essentially, what you’re trying to do is avoid the need for cars and buses to transport guests over long distances.

Review your venue’s menu options

Sourcing food from further afield is a major no-no when it comes to planning any eco-friendly event. A venue that serves local produce is both good for the planet and your guests, as it will almost certainly make for a fresh, tasty feast as well.

Ask potential wedding venues or caterers where and how they source their food and aim for seasonal produce from local farmers. Some venues will even offer unusual additions to their menus via foraged foods, including local berries and mushrooms, as well as unusually flavored beverages. Why not consider including a bottle of locally-sourced drink in your wedding favors as well?

Find out whether your venue follows sustainable practices

A truly eco-friendly wedding venue should use energy-efficient lighting and be conscious of using sustainable materials where possible. Recycling should also be widely available – a must if you’re looking to open gifts or get rid of menus and table plans the day after your wedding.

Ideally, you’d also be able to enquire about any extras that the venue has installed, like energy-efficient windows and solar panels, as well as check the green credentials of guest toiletries. An eco-friendly venue will usually be vocal about its achievements and will be able to present you with any information you are looking for before you make your decision to celebrate your big day there.

Being eco-friendly is becoming more and more important in peoples’ lives. Your wedding should be no different – from the start of your journey, where you selected an engagement ring with green credentials, to the day itself. Choosing a venue with solid, planet-friendly ethics is a beautiful way to start your life as a married couple.

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