How to Keep Your Eco-Friendly Home Clean When You Have a Pet

Whilst standard vacuum cleaners will be reasonably effective at cleaning up after your pets, over time they can become less efficient, leaving behind fur and odors. A ‘pet-friendly vacuum usually has extra strong suction to deep clean your flooring, preferably with anti-wrap technology to prevent the brushes from getting clogged with fur.

Welcoming a pet into your home can make it feel complete. They can offer you companionship and endless love. However, what they can also offer is a laborious cleaning routine, focused solely around tidying up their mess.

Ask some owners and they’ll tell you that owning a pet and having a clean house are mutually exclusive. However, whilst your animal companion will certainly give you more to think about when it comes to your cleaning, it is possible to maintain a clean and healthy home despite their best efforts. Follow our three simple tips to stay one step ahead of your pets and their messy habits.

Use a pet-friendly vacuum cleaner

This will be particularly important to people with pets that shed their fur more often. When talking about dogs, certain breeds, such as beagles or German shepherds, can be particularly heavy shedders, and you should devise a vacuuming regime that reflects this. Many experts recommend that pet owners should be vacuuming on a daily basis to maintain a healthy living environment.

This isn’t just to reduce the buildup of fur around the home. Particularly adventurous pets are prone to bringing unwanted bacteria and germs into the house from their travels, so a daily clean can help to mitigate the threat of illness or infection.

For the eco-conscious among you, bear in mind that some vacuums will be more eco-friendly than others. Typically, plug-in vacuum cleaners will be far better for the environment. This is due to the absence of lithium batteries, which have been found to have significant environmental impacts, particularly during the lithium extraction process.

Keep your pets clean

In this section, we’ll be referring to potentially the muddiest of pets – the dog. It may sound obvious, but cleaning your dog, especially after a particularly muddy walk, means any dirt on their paws or coat will not be transferred to your pristine carpet or upholstery. Whilst this may seem a chore at first, washing your pup will be far easier than dealing with stains you’ve let build up around the house.

Keeping your pet clean doesn’t just refer to washing away the mud, however. There are several other cleaning methods you should be considering. For some breeds, regular brushes of their fur can make a world of difference in preventing hair from getting caught up in the carpet and furniture. Furthermore, regularly washing their bed will prevent the buildup of harmful bacteria, which can not only create health problems for your pet, but also for their human companions.

Dealing with accidents

It can be one of the most frustrating parts of pet ownership. Just as you’ve finished your weekly clean, the cat decides now is the best time to have an accident on your previously unblemished carpet. Unfortunately, accidents are unavoidable. But, failure to deal with them properly can create far worse problems further down the line, so it’s imperative that you begin the clean-up efforts as soon as you notice the problem.

At times like this, stain removers can be your best friend. Whilst most all-purpose stain removers will be effective in this situation, there are pet-friendly products designed specifically to not only lift stains but also to reduce the pungent odour attached to them.

When stains are attended to improperly, or not at all, not only will your house quickly be filled with a bad smell, but in the worst cases, it can result in carpets or upholstery needs replacing. This can be a costly process, not only to your bank account but also to the environment. Improper disposal of carpets is still a widespread problem across America, with an estimated 5 billion pounds worth sent to landfills in 2017 alone. Keeping on top of any marks will prolong the life of your carpet and keep your home looking clean.

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