How to Make Your Outdoor Space More Eco-Friendly This Weekend

Outdoor living spaces are becoming more and more popular. But despite the fact that they’re outside, many outdoor living spaces are not very eco-friendly. While it’s true that plants can reduce stress and negative feelings by up to 60%, planting a few flowers isn’t going to make a space very eco-friendly. So if you’re looking to turn your green space into something truly eco-friendly, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Use Green Materials

When you’re building your outdoor space, it’s important to start with using eco-friendly materials. Whether you’re building a patio or creating walkways, using the right materials is important. You should consider materials like rubber paving stones, permeable concrete, and reclaimed wood. If you’re extending your roof over your outdoor space, choosing the right roofing material can even reduce energy use by up to 30%. Think about using materials that are recycled, have a low impact on the environment when they’re made, and options that will last a long time so you don’t have to replace them. Starting with the right materials is key to building a great green space.

Choose Eco-Friendly Furniture

Another great way to go green with your outdoor area is by choosing eco-friendly furniture. Most furniture is not made with eco-friendly materials, but you can make the decision to ensure the furniture you’re buying is as sustainable as possible. Cushions filled with organic cotton, end tables made from recycled wood, and other sustainable furnishing options are not too difficult to find. Additionally, you can consider making your own furniture. You can use something like stainless steel pipes, which can last longer than 100 years, to create table legs and use other refurbished materials as well. Going green with your furniture is easy to do and you can still have aesthetically pleasing options. Even though furniture is the third most expensive item a person will buy during their lifetime, after a house and a car, spending a little more on eco-friendly materials is worth the investment.

Use Sustainable Lighting

Lighting is an important element for outdoor areas, especially if you’re looking to host parties and gatherings after dark. Unfortunately, using the wrong lighting can simply increase your energy bills and further harm the environment. But there is a wide variety of options for sustainable lighting — solar-powered outdoor lights are becoming increasingly common. You can use solar lights to illuminate pathways, your deck, and even throughout your garden. Solar lights are great because they look good and don’t use any energy. To go along with some solar lights, consider getting some outdoor candles, just make sure they’re all-natural to stick with your green theme.

Creating a great outdoor living space is easy, especially if you already have the perfect area picked out. And while choosing sustainable options may take a little more time and effort, it’s definitely worth it. So keep these simple tips in mind to help you get started on going green at home and you’ll have a great sustainable outdoor area to enjoy in no time.

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