Making Your Mode of Travel Eco-Friendly

The world needs our help. Over generations, people have damaged the planet, almost to a point of no return. Thankfully, we are now growing increasingly aware of just what we’re doing that damages the environment and promotes climate change, and what we can cut out to reduce pollution and improve our carbon footprint. It really is important that each and every one of us takes steps to help the environment through lifestyle change and living a more eco-friendly existence. But where should you get started? One good area of focus to take into consideration is your primary mode of travel – how you get from A to B. Here’s some information that can help.


Driving, of course, isn’t the most environmentally friendly mode of travel. But for some of us, it is currently essential. Perhaps you live somewhere without great public transport options. Maybe you work night shifts and can’t take public transport to work. Whatever your reason for wanting to drive, it’s good to know that there are things you can do to improve its impact. For example, you could opt for an electric vehicle or a hybrid vehicle over a vehicle that solely uses fossil fuels. You can ride share, picking others up en route somewhere rather than you all driving separately. You can look into New Energy Recovery Wheel Installations. Small changes can make a big difference.


If you are able to walk comfortably, you may want to consider walking to locations that are within walking distance. All too many of us automatically opt for alternative transport options when our own two feet can take us where we need to go. Walking is the most eco-friendly mode of transport as it’s entirely natural and has no emissions. Plus, it’s free and good for your overall health and wellbeing too! To walk as safely as possible, make sure to follow your common sense and the rules of the road. Always stay on sidewalks or paths where they are available and use designated crossing points. If you are walking at night, or in spots with low visibility, make sure to wear bright and reflective clothing, which will help drivers to see you.


If you need to travel long distances but want a physical challenge and to keep fit, cycling could be a great option. Here, you only need a bicycle, a helmet, and any reflective gear or lights you need for nighttime riding and you’re good to go. You can get to places much faster on two wheels, and you can also save a lot of emissions. Just make sure to take your safety seriously. Drivers can often grow impatient with cyclists and try to overtake, so make sure to keep an eye on your surroundings and avoid sudden turns. Make sure to indicate your turns using your hands and to take cycle lanes wherever possible. 

Electric Scooters

Electric scooters, or “E-scooters”, are becoming more readily available for public use in cities and villages. These are a great options that is very environmentally friendly. Not only do they have low emissions, but multiple people get plenty of use out of them every day. Just makes sure that you are using them properly. You should only ride on roads in a responsible way while wearing a helmet and following the rules.

Public Transport

Of course, any mode of public transport tends to be preferable for the environment. This is shared transport that is efficient and has low emissions per passenger. The train, the bus, the tube, the tram… whatever your local area offers, you should try it out. Many locations will offer discounted rates for those using public transport on a regular basis. This could range from weekly or monthly passes to passes that are designated for particular groups, such as teens or the elderly. You may even be entitled to a public transport pass if you are disabled or elderly and may struggle to get around otherwise. Make sure to check timetables before heading to your public transport stop, as this will ensure that you get there on time. You may also want to make use of apps such as city mapper for longer or more complex journeys. These apps will tell you exactly what transport to take to get from one location to another. This can give you more confidence while you’re traveling.

These are a few options that you might like to try out while making your mode of transport eco-friendly. Take them into consideration, try a few out and you should find that something works for you. Of course, this may be a combination of options depending on particular situations or circumstances.

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