Skip the Melamine! Eco-Friendly Choices For Your Home Decor

Melamine is a type of plastic that is often used to coat items of home decor, both to make them longer lasting and, for decorative purposes. However, melamine is terrible for the environment because you can’t recycle it, compost it, and it’s not biodegradable.

The good news is in the post below you will discover all sorts of ways 2 to keep your home looking gorgeous while lessening any damage to the environment. Read on to find out how. 

Granite or slate kitchen countertops

One of the most popular uses of melamine in home decoration is for covering kitchen countertops. Indeed, practically it is a good choice for this because it’s waterproof, relatively robust, and cheap. 

However, as we already know it’s a very poor choice for the environment. Fortunately, there are some alternatives that are much more sustainable. One of these is the natural material granite.  Indeed granite has long been coveted for kitchen worktops as it is not only hardy but has a distinctive and pleasing look. 

Of course, not everyone can afford granite in their kitchen and a much more cost-effective option is to opt for the natural material slate, especially if it’s reclaimed from another project. The benefits of slates include that it’s water-resistant and heat-resistant and they can be cut into very thin sheets quite easily making them ideal for finishing off countertops. 

Real wood bedroom furniture 

Another excellent and far more sustainable option for the home is to ditch the melamine furniture in the bedroom and replace it with real wood items instead.  The good news is there are a great many real wood bedroom furniture items to choose from, so you are bound to find pieces that fit in with your design scheme.

Real wood bedroom furniture like RJ Living’s range of designer drawers is pleasing to the eye, and creates a far more comfortable bedroom environment than the cold and often clinical feel of melamine furniture. Additionally, they are much more likely to last over the long term thereby creating less waste overall. 

Stone bathroom flooring

While melamine and other plastic flooring are often a popular choice for the bathroom because of their water-resistant properties a much better option for the environment is to opt for stone flooring instead. 

In particular, limestone is a great choice for bathrooms because it’s very low maintenance and offers several aesthetic options. 

Natural wood flooring instead of carpet 

While it’s unlikely you would install carpet into a bathroom it is a popular option around the rest of the home. However, what many people do not realize is that, as it is made, carpet uses a range of pollutants and chemicals that damage the environment. carpet also wears very quickly, creating a great deal of unnecessary waste in landfills. 

With this in mind choosing a real wood floor is a much better option. just be sure to go for the natural wood flooring rather than laminate, as the former is much easier on the environment. 

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