1st Day of School + Eco-Friendly Back to School Tips

Hello, Friends! Have your kids gone back to school? Today was Eben’s 1st day of 7th grade. I really can’t believe it – if I have a 7th grader, that means I am a grown-up? Ha! We are definitely in the back to school routine – we have been planning for a couple of weeks. Need a little help getting organized for back to school? Here are some posts to help you out!

Beyond Apples…8 Healthy Back to School Snacks
6 Time Saving and Eco-Friendly Back to School Tips
8 Eco-Friendly Organizing Tips for Back to School
Beyond the Bowl: 6 Quick and Easy Vegan Breakfasts for Kids Who Don’t Like Cereal
7 Eco-Friendly Ways to Get Your Kids Organized for Back to School
7 Ways to Help Your Child Adjust to a New School

p.s. I will be adding them to the sidebar too! Happy Back to School


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