3 Ways Eco-friendly Living Will Save You Money

You’re never too late to begin making changes that can alter the course of the Earth’s existence. Plus, sustainable living provides plenty of opportunities for families to live more fulfilling lives and save more money to spend on new experiences such as education and getaways. Of course, money isn’t the be-all and end-all. But it certainly helps to have some form of a financial cushion to help you bounce back through tough times, more so now than ever. And it’s a welcomed incentive as part of a person’s effort to live a greener life.

Renewable Energy Sources

Powering our homes, from TVs to lightbulbs, appliances to hot showers, is costly, not to mention incredibly harmful to the environment. However, with a bit of research and a willingness to change your existing energy sources, it doesn’t need to be that way. 

Examples of renewable energy sources include energy created with solar panels using the sun’s rays, and wind turbines using the wind. 

If you shop around online, you should be able to find an energy company who only provides renewable energy to your area. 

Otherwise, an alternative and increasingly popular option are to invest in community solar, which consists of multiple members of the public paying for a solar project to be built and supply energy to each member. Solar energy is a cost-efficient energy source, particularly when you’re sharing the investment with other people from your neighborhood. It’s definitely worth considering.

Switch Up Transport

Another effective eco-friendly solution that benefits both you and the environment is changing your usual form of transport. From push bikes to electric-powered bikes (electric generated by pedaling), there are multiple alternative transport solutions you and your family can use to get around.

The running costs of a car, in particular, amount to hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars a year. Selling your vehicle will enable you to put aside a substantial amount of cash for your kids’ college fees or your early retirement. Not to mention, you’ll significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

Vegetable Patch

Homemade compost, seeds from some of your favorite fruits and vegetables, and a homemade greenhouse are all you need to begin nurturing and growing your very own crops. 

Vegetables cultivated by farmers are often sprayed with multiple, harmful pesticides that pollute the atmosphere. Furthermore, an extensive amount of fuel is used to run transportation, which ships the food to the local store, causing more damage to the air. And the food is likely wrapped, sometimes with non-bio-degradable packaging, non-bio-degradable, meaning more trash is transported to the landfill.

However, by growing food at home in your garden, you’ll eliminate the process above, which applies damaging pressure to the environment. And in turn, create healthy organic food, which will cost you next to nothing compared to purchasing food from the shops.

Living a sustainable life and utilizing eco-habits offers much more than fresh and healthy vegetables for your family. As highlighted above, it can also provide you more money to create a better, more fulfilling future for you and your loved ones.

 We can never have enough of Nature. – Henry David Thoreau

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