4 Eco-Friendly Energy Solutions For Your Home

Have you noticed the cost of energy these days? It seems to shoot up every month without warning! Sometimes it feels like there isn’t much we can do about rising energy costs, but in reality, there are plenty of options. Find out more about alternative energy sources right here.  

#1: Heat Pumps 

An air source heat pump might use electricity, but it’s far more sustainable than oil and gas boilers. An air source heat pump works like a refrigerator in reverse; instead of taking warm air from the outside and cooling it down, it extracts heat from the air and warms it up some more. 

Air source heat pumps can be used for indoor heating and for heating water; they can also be used in conjunction with renewable energy ensuring that you get the best value from your heating system. An air heat pump is an effective heating system from as low as 15 degrees.

#2: Solar Panels 

For many years solar panels were inefficient and expensive; although they have always been somewhat effective, they have not generally been accessible until now. Nowadays, solar panels are cheaper and more sustainable; they also provide some added value to your home supply. 

Modern solar panels are very efficient, much more so than even five years ago; the reason is the rise in demand for accessible renewable energy along with government targets. When you use a solar panel system installer for your home, you can generate excess energy and sell it. 

#3: Biomass Systems 

Biomass systems are renewable carbon-zero heating systems for domestic homes. Unlike conventional boilers, they don’t use fossil fuels; instead, they use wood pellets sourced from a forested locality that is grown specially to be sustainable. That’s why it’s a carbon-zero option. 

If you want to operate a carbon-zero home install a biomass boiler; not only are they better for the environment and more sustainable in the long-term, but they can also save you substantial sums of money every year on your power bills. Quite an incentive with the rising energy costs.    

#4: Solar heating 

If you’re installing solar panels for your electricity, you might as well use them for your heating as well. Solar heating systems are intelligently designed, you have a water tank that is gradually heated and maintained throughout the day, so you always have access to sustainable hot water. 

Again, solar heating is both sustainable and profitable because any power you generate and done;t use can be sold back to the grid for profit. Nowadays, solar panels are more efficient than ever before, and they can be installed in a range of places like roofs, walls, and free-standing.   

Final Thoughts 

The cost of energy is rising steadily because of geo-political events and reduced supplies; at the same time, renewable energy is becoming more affordable and more accessible, allowing you to make an intelligent switch rather easily. There are several options to choose from, including solar panel systems, biofuel boilers, heat pumps, and more. Now is the time for a green home.

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