What Is The “Healthiest” Form Of Exercise?

Achieving good health goes beyond watching what you put in your mouth. Sure, you can follow a brilliant diet full of superfoods, anti-inflammatories, and antioxidants, but that doesn’t guarantee you’ll actually be healthy. Alongside a good diet, you need to exercise! 

Regular exercise is amazing for your body, though there is one question that might play on your mind a lot. What form of exercise is the best – or “healthiest” for you? When we define “healthiest” we’re talking about exercises that provide you with the most benefits and have the least side effects. 

So, which ones should you be aware of? 


Swimming has always been seen as the ultimate form of exercise. You’re immersed in water, so there’s plenty of resistance for your body to fight against. As such, you pretty much work your entire body. The best thing is, you don’t have any heavy impacts on your joints. This is why swimming has been used for decades to treat a lot of injuries – it’s also highly recommended for older people as it keeps them fit without harming their joints or aggravating back pain. 

Nowadays, a lot of people are installing swimming pools in their gardens, which could give you easy access to one of the healthiest forms of exercise out there. If you already live somewhere with a pool, perhaps it’s time to give this a go. 


That’s right, good old-fashioned walking is a very healthy way to exercise your body. This is why we are often encouraged to walk 10,000 steps a day. Walking burns a lot of calories while toning your legs at the same time. It does a good job of building leg strength, which is super important as you get older. 

Much like swimming, walking is a low-impact activity. As such, it’s included here instead of running, which can have a high impact on your joints and cause all sorts of pain and injuries. Try to aim for 10k steps a day and it will improve your health. 


Lastly, you have yoga. This is a form of exercise that has been around for generations and largely focuses on stretching your muscles and holding different poses. Consequently, it is fantastic at keeping your body in a state of balance. Stretching helps to prevent injuries and alleviate muscle soreness. At the same time, holding yoga poses requires strength, so this exercise is great for building your strength naturally. 

Once more, it isn’t overly impactful on your joints and has a low degree of risk involved. Yoga is suitable for just about anyone of any age, so give it a go. 

So, what is the healthiest form of exercise? The three mentioned here are wonderful for your health & well-being. They provide a range of benefits, improving your fitness and strength at the same time. But, the key thing with each form of exercise is that they don’t present any long-term concerns. Things like running or weight lifting are definitely good as well, but they may cause injuries and problems in the future if you’re not careful. 

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