5 Eco-Friendly Ways to Green Your Pet’s Lifestyle

For many people our furry companions are just another member of the family. We want our pets to live happy, healthy and long lives. When it comes to your pet’s lifestyle, there are many ways that you can make it more eco-friendly – which is good for your pet, your family and the environment. Read on to learn how to green your pets favorite pass times; eating, sleeping, playing and pooping.

1. Eating
Consider choosing a natural and organic pet food that is free of  pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, artificial preservatives, artificial flavors, artificial colors, artificial ingredients or genetically engineered ingredients. Click to Tweet: If you pet has any type of allergy, simply switching their food to a natural, organic version can have a huge positive impact on their health. You could also take classes to learn more about the value of organic and natural pet food for the health of your pet!

2. Cleaning
You don’t use chemical-laced shampoos, beauty products or toothpaste on your human family – so why use it on your pet? Especially since your pet most likely grooms themselves from time to time, ingesting residual cleaners from their fur. And if you have pets like ours (meet Noodles the Pug and Olive the French Bulldog) they are very sensitive to the products that we use on them. Olive, our Frenchie has crazy allergies (when we brought her home her skin was rashy, bumpy and itchy), once we switched her to an organic shampoo, she started to feel better instantly. Since she does have allergies, we bathe both of our dogs every Monday – it keeps the dander on their fur down and removes any allergens that they pick up when playing outside.

3. Sleeping
Pets love to sleep – it is one of those things that they do really well and a lot of. Most likely your pet spends a large portion of their life snoozing away. Choose an organic pet bed that is cozy and safe for both your pet and the environment. I like to keep a doggie bed in the spaces in our home that our dogs inhabit the most, for example the living room, bedroom and their kennels. 

4. Playing
Choose pet toys and accessories that are sustainable, recycled and organic – you don’t want your pet chewing on a toy laced with toxins or chemicals. There are many great eco-friendly pet toys available that have a very small impact on the environment and are safe for your pet to chew away at. In fact, you can braid your own chew toys out of recycled organic tee shirts or sheets.

5. Pooping
Always clean up your pet’s poop with a biodegradable poop bag and dispose of it properly or compost it. (Just don’t use this compost for your vegetable garden!) Cat lovers, choose a natural, eco-friendly kitty litter that is safe for your pet, your family and the environment.

How do you green your pet’s lifestyle?

Pug photo courtesy of Cameron Mora Photography
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