#5 – The 12 Days of Etsy: Sparkover: Digitial Dot Necklace

♫♪ On the fifth day of Etsy, my true love gave to me a fabulous digital dot necklace, a gift certificate for fabulous pillows, three FLY Art Kits, two recycled ice skate ornaments and something that will make me look pretty. ♫

Giveaway number five is a fantastic digital dot necklace from Sparkover. Sparkover is jewelry that is made from computer leftovers that have been given a second life. Fastastic! Everything that Sparkover uses to create their jewelry was slated for the landfill. Sparkover is taking back the intricate insides that were once used to make technology work by turning it into something cool – and they succeed!

I am quite smitten with the upcycled circuit board mustache necklace. – Yes I do need a mustache necklace. Don’t you?

And how about the totally awesome circuit board ring. Totally awesome, right?

And don’t even get me started on the mini sparks upcycled circuit board earrings. Are they cute or what?

Jump over to Sparkover and pick up something for someone you love, then leave a comment below. You have 1 week to enter – please tell your family and friends so they don’t miss out on the fun. 

– The winner is Sarah Eliza. Congrats and thanks for playing!

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