6 Affordable Ways to Eat Healthy on a Budget

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Feeding your family well-balanced, healthy, and delicious foods is very important. However, for many families finding extra money in the budget to eat well can seem impossible. Since one of the largest expenses in many families monthly budget is food, making the most of your money at the grocery store is essential. Eating well on a budget is possible, you just have to be thrifty, creative and smart. Read on to discover my 6 favorite ways to stretch your budget while buying the best groceries (even organics) for your family.


1. Set a Budget
First things first, figure out how much your family can afford to spend on groceries each month – be realistic. Then, take only cash with you to the closest local grocery store – it is impossible to go over your budget when you are paying with cash only. Also, stop by the customer service counter on your way in and ask for any coupons they have available – you would be surprised at the goodies they have, if you ask.

2. Shop in Season

When it comes to produce, only buy what is in season. Not only is it more affordable, it will be fresher too! It’s a good idea to buy produce when it is in season and then freeze it. For example, hit the local farm when strawberries are in season – get an even greater deal when you buy a large quantity, then freeze what you can’t use now to enjoy all year long.

3. Cook with What you Have

This one is simple, use the ingredients that you have on-hand now to make your meals. This is a great way to use food before it spoils and while it is at it’s freshest. This goes for your refrigerator and the pantry! We eat a lot of soups at our house, because the mister will put together all of our veggies before they spoil.

4. Stock UpĀ 

When an item that you frequently use goes on sale, that is the time to stock up on it. This is a great way to stock up on spices, canned goods, dried beans and rice. This is also a great time to whip out those coupons – you can double your savings when you use coupons on food items that are already on sale.

5. Prepare Vegetable Based Meals

Let’s face it, meat products are more expensive than vegetables. Instead of basing all of your meals around meat, make veggies the main course. Not only is this a healthier way of eating, it is much more affordable and better for the environment too! When you do cook meat, for example chicken – purchase a whole organic chicken and when you are finished eating the meat, boil the carcass down for stock.

6. Make Your Own Snacks

Processed foods can be expensive, unhealthy and usually come in wasteful packaging. Instead of purchasing processed/packaged foods, make your own goodis. It is very easy to make your own cookies, granola bars, frozen pops, or granola – and your children will love cooking with you!

How does your family eat well on a budget?

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