6 Engaging, Eco-Friendly Ways to Travel with Your Middle Schooler

With the holiday season right around the corner, you may have already started to plan your travel arrangements. And while traveling with children is always fun – it can be challenging if your child becomes bored and restless, especially when it comes to long car trips or flights. As a parent you are fully aware that being prepared for that ever dreaded question “Are we there yet?” is essential, regardless of the age of your children.

I have found that with my own middle schooler Eben, the biggest challenge is finding a way to entertain him that doesn’t include him getting sucked into an iPod, portable DVD player or handheld video game. By doing a little homework ahead of time, I can almost always ensure that getting to our travel destination is one of his favorite parts. I have learned over time that by turning our travel time into part of the vacation experience, he not only doesn’t complain, but he learns something new (I do too!) and he is kept entertained the entire trip. Plus, as an added bonus, these simple tips always double as great bonding activities! Jump over to Inhabitots to learn my tried and true 6 simple, eco-friendly ways to travel with a middle schooler and find that getting there is part of the fun.

photo credit Andrew Currie via Inhabitots

Andrew Currie
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