6 Non-Toxic Wooden Toys for Babies, Toddlers and Older Kids at Etsy

When it comes to finding toys that are non-toxic, sustainably made, creative and fun – I always turn to Etsy. You can find the best toys made by artisans that have a focus on the environment and the health of your children. When it comes to choosing the right toys – my favorites tend to be heirloom quality toys made using sustainably harvested or reclaimed woods. The key is to make sure that the wood has not been sealed using toxic chemicals and instead with a non-toxic, food safe oil to protect the woods natural beauty. When it comes to wooden toys, there are so many different options available, you can find teethers and rattles that are perfect for babies – cars with wheels and pull along toys that will entertain toddlers and games and manipulatives that are great for older children.

While browsing through Etsy today, I found a few wooden toys for babies, toddlers and older children – all of which are made using sustainably harvested woods that are finished using non-toxic oils. Regardless of your child’s age, there is something here for all children – if you have a little one’s birthday coming up, these would make great gifts!

For Babies

Smiling Tree Toys
These adorable rattle teethers from Smiling Tree Toys are lovingly handcrafted from local and sustainably sourced hardwoods, and organically finished with Smiling Tree Toy’s blend of homegrown organic Carmelina oil (a relative of flaxseed) and beeswax. You get your choice of color from different sustainably sourced woods too.

+ Dinosaur Rattle Teether $14

Seven Acre Toys

Seven Acre Toy’s rattles are made with FSC certified North American hardwoods, and have been finished with a food grade beeswax and mineral oil blend made locally for them by a dear friend. All rattles are sanded smooth and are completely free of splinters and rough spots. Not to mention, they come in a great selection of wood.
+ Wooden Claw Rattle $28

For Toddlers

Little Alouette
Little Alouette has the sweetest handcrafted wooden toys for toddlers. The toys are crafted from locally sourced Ohio Maple. Isn’t the guitar fantastic? And the intro mustache teether is Little Alouette too!

+ Wooden Guitar $20

Little Sapling Toys
These wooden Toy Skittles Bowling Pins from Little Sapling Toys is one of my favorites! Each set comes with ten maple pins and two hardwood balls. They are sanded smooth and finished with a light local beeswax and organic jojoba oil.

+ Wooden Skittles Bowling Pins $35

For Older Children

Bannor Toys
Bannor Toys makes the best eco-friendly blocks handcrafted from responsibly harvested trees around the world. Each set of natural color wooden blocks is completely unique and contains 20 blocks in a mix of 6-7 woods. The blocks are finished with a beeswax and coconut oil finish and each set comes with it’s own storage bag. Eben has a set of these blocks, they are fun to play with and beautiful enough to leave out on our coffee table in a large bowl – you know for impromptu building!

+ Wooden Building Blocks $34

Timber Green Woods
Most older children enjoy puzzles, these wooden Circle Geometric Puzzles from Timber Green Woods will fit the bill. Each piece of sustainably harvested wood is laser cut into a geometric puzzle. This very challenging circles jigsaw puzzle includes a laser engraved “cheat sheet” on the bottom, which makes it difficult even for cheaters! It is finished with non-toxic and food safe oils and comes packaged in a bio-degradable plastic sleeve.

+ Wooden Geometric Puzzle $22.95

Do you have a favorite wooden toy company? I would love to hear about them – please share in the comments section below! 

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