7 Kid-Approved Organic Vegetable and Fruit Smoothies

We already know the importance of children getting enough fruit and vegetables into their daily diet. However, finding a way to get little ones to eat 2-4 servings of fruit and 3-5 servings of vegetables every day can be tough — sometimes beyond tough if you have a child that turns their nose up at any food that’s green or has stems. Sneakiness is needed for these picky eaters, and you can help your child get the recommended daily amounts of both fruits and veggies with smoothies. The milkshake-like drinks are perfect picky eater fix because you can throw green vegetables in with fruit, fruit juice, and yogurt – your child will never be the wiser. I serve Eben one of these smoothies after breakfast to drink on the way to school. It gives him the added benefits of vegetables right before the start of the school day. Jump over to Inhabitots for my top seven organic vegetable and fruit based smoothies that your children will devour — photos included.
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