Ask Sweet Greens: Best Eco-Friendly Live Alternatives to a Cut Christmas Tree

Hi Sweet Greens! I really would like an eco-friendly alternative for this years Christmas tree. I would love a tree that is alive and smells fantastic – I do not want an artificial one. What alternatives has your family used in the past? Thanks for all of your help. Happy Holidays! – Jennifer

Images Via Martha Stewart

Hi Jennifer. Thank you for your question. This is a great one too, since there are so many different alternatives available right now. In the past, my family has used large potted trees, a trio of small potted trees, cut our own live tree from a local sustainable farm and have even used large house plants as trees. If you are flexible and interested in trying an alternative tree that isn’t living, I have also seen Christmas trees made of recycled wood, metal and even magazines. There are so many great alternative available!

Images via Blue Poppy and Martha Stewart

My personal favorite has been choosing a medium sized potted tree and displaying it on a low table or bench. I have used a bench in the past, which is perfect for stacking gifts under and around. I have also seen a lot of a medium sized live trees wrapped in burlap. 

How about you lovely readers – do you have any suggestions for Jennifer? Please leave them in the comments section below!

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