Bringing Natural Materials into Your Bedroom

Your bedroom ideally is a place of calm. It should be somewhere that you can relax and unwind after a long day. Or perhaps spend a few hours reading or meditating in the afternoon. While modern interiors have a lot to be desired, you might not want to purchase an entire room of mass-produced items. Perhaps you have the notion of bringing natural materials into your bedroom, and the rest of your home. Finding a balance between some of the amazing bedroom furniture for sale online, and natural touches is a slow and enjoyable project. 

The option to bring multiple items from nature into your home is something that many homeowners have enjoyed for years. In general, humans love blue ocean waters, jade green trees and forests, and even cold stones. And when placed well in a home, they can make it feel welcoming and safe. 

Here are a few ways that you can bring some natural eco elements into your home. 

Stone Walls

Many people like to have an exposed brick wall in their home, but you can take it a step further and have more of a natural finish using more natural stones. The texture and the coolness that it brings into space can be a nice change from having wallpapers or painted walls. 

You could opt for more modern brickwork, they have a slightly more industrial feel but can be painted to match the rest of your interior. 

Wooden Furniture

While you can buy beautiful wooden pieces from some of the more popular furniture stores, there are many designers that create beautiful wood pieces. Artisan crafted wooden furniture can give you one-off pieces of furniture that can be an eye-catching centerpiece. 

Wood can be finished in so many ways, from shabby chic, with a whitewashed sanded down appearance. Or slick dark mahogany that can give an edge to the bedroom. Many people opt for darker woods for bed bases and headboards, as they feel and look luxurious. 

Going Green

Some of us dream of having a room as green and lush as a greenhouse, others appreciate the little pops of green through the home. The bedroom is a great place to have plants. They bring color and have air cleaning properties too. Green as a color is great for productivity and relaxation too. 

For some people a modern look with a natural twist is really what they’re looking for. You can go for a range of beautiful sculpted plants like cactus or bonsai. Or plants that have three boxes plaited and grow to huge heights. If you want a softer theme, perhaps more romantic feel and flowering house plants like peace lilies, or kids, can look stunning. Of course, if you have animals, you might need to consider what kind of plant could be poisonous to them.

But in general, plants can make a room feel welcoming, luxurious, and improve your air quality, which will improve your sleep.


There is something quite luxurious about cold marble floors, but one of the most common floor features is laminate wood flooring. This can be easy to clean, which means your bedroom won’t take long to get back into proper order. But sometimes a rug makes a big difference too. Woven seagrass natural flooring or sisal is both beautiful and durable. They are great in the winter as an insulator, and comfortable to walk on with your bare feet.

Bring More of the Outdoors Inside

Even when you have plenty of plants in the room, being able to see more green and some blue skies is even better. Humans respond positively to both blue, which is why we love the ocean water so much; and green, which is why walking in the woods is so good for us.

If you are surrounded by grass, trees, and more natural scenes, then consider changing your window style. Giant windows not only let in more light, which will give you a nice boost, but it can blur the lines between inside and outside. 

If you have small windows, and the possibility to make them more substantial isn’t available, using your walls to decorate with grassy scenes, photos and artwork can make a huge difference. 

You can make your window more of a feature, think about dressing your window with more relaxing pale colors. And let the greenery outside do the talking. If you don’t have a great view, you can add potted plants along the windowsill, and perhaps even window boxes.

You can go one step further here by making sure that you plant either natural plants or herbs and flowers that will support nature’s pollinators. This is great for your local ecosystem and local wildlife.

Wood Cladding

If you don’t like the idea of the exposed brick wall or natural stone walls, then perhaps wood cladding would be ideal. It will turn the sleeping space into almost one of those beautiful wooded cabins that often so coveted during the summer months. The wood will give a natural smell to the room for quite some time, and you can paint it or decorate it in any way you like later on. Although simple exposed timber and simply letting all the natural grain show can be beautiful too. 


Not everyone has the budget to buy everything, or will have wood panels and expose brickwork. But the quality of the faux options is very high nowadays. This means you can benefit from those beautiful green flowers without the price tag and the maintenance. They last forever; you’re not going to need to water them, and they still have the feeling of freshness. 

You can also do this with exposed brick walls in the form of wallpaper, and artwork instead of expanding windows.

Wood, again

There are so many new ways to use natural wood in your bedroom and home in general. Wooden flooring, wood cladding, and even beautiful beach wreck wood can make a bold statement. However, some people have found a lot of joy in creating branches as decorations. They won’t die, and they need no maintenance. 

You can hang them on the ceiling, use them in an unused fireplace, or create your own mini thicket. 

Of course, it will depend on how much room you have, and you should always clean and well before you turn them into artwork. They can even be used to frame photos.

Woven Baskets

Woven baskets in a similar material as your floor can help tie your bedroom together. Not only are they handy, but they can also be used as plant pot and storage, they look great and don’t require much maintenance and cleaning. If you tend to have a lot of bits and bobs around your bedroom, woven baskets can provide the quickest storage possible. Ratten, bamboo, and we can all look great and hard-wearing. Which makes them an excellent investment. 


To let all of these natural materials shine through, it’s best to have a clean base. White, pale grey, mossy grey greens are all perfect for keeping your space cool and calm.

Reclaim and Reuse

There are more online tutorials than ever before for recycling, using reclaimed materials and upcycling. You can turn doors into tabletops, and even replace door handles. Finding some old French window shutter and attaching them in your bedroom can be a real talking point. 

This is just as much about being eco-friendly as it is about being green. Giving things a completely new purpose means that they don’t go into a landfill, and you don’t have to purchase flatpack or factory-made furniture. It also means that each and every single piece that you create is entirely unique to your home.

Natural Fabrics

Rugs, throws, and pillows are a great way to add some natural fibers and fabrics. Of course, the bedroom has always been a place of comfort, but you can take that to the next level. Soften your natural theme with a range of fake sheepskin, soft cottons, and even wools. You can often source wool and other natural materials from artisans, and they can often come with a guarantee that no animals were harmed in the making of them.

In the end, your bedroom is meant to be somewhere that makes you feel safe and calm. You can let go of the day that you’ve just had, and slowly recharge to relax and rest getting ready for the day ahead. Bedrooms should be luxurious and personal spaces. But they can also be a great starting point for creating a natural and eco-friendly feeling throughout your entire home. 

Getting experimental with natural materials like sackcloth, bamboo, and even adding cactuses can see a room become comfortable and almost glamorous, but without all the extra effort. And Pinterest is brimming with incredible ideas on how you can make your bedroom feel more natural and a range of ways to use organic materials in your bedroom decor.

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