Choosing The Best Green Energy Sources

In the modern day, many homes are powered using fossil fuels or finite resources that are guaranteed to eventually run out. Using such a large amount of non-renewable energy can have a huge impact on your carbon footprint, and there are many alternative ideas that you can utilise which are far more environmentally friendly. Figuring out which sustainable power can best suit your needs doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might think, as there are a few key tips and tricks that you can utilise to make sure you can identify the best green energy sources on the market today. 

Solar Power 

One of the most popular sustainable energy sources that you can make the most of in several different ways is solar power. The sun is perhaps the most powerful energy source we have at our disposal, but are solar panels worth it? Solar power is free of charge, as the sun is guaranteed to rise every morning to provide the planet with light and warmth. The only investment that you would have to make is the solar panels themselves, as you need to have a method of conversion which actually allows you to utilise the sun’s rays as a source of power. Of course, solar power is one of the best sources of sustainable energy, as it’s an infinite resource that isn’t going to be running out any time soon. When you utilise solar power, you don’t take anything away from the earth or it’s inhabitants, either. Having your own solar panels can even help you to make a profit after several months of installation, as any excess energy that you make can be sold off to your local grid to power other nearby homes! Solar power has many more uses than just keeping your home bright and warm, as they can be utilised for small vehicles such as cars, and even for powering internal campervan equipment like stove tops and hot water. Solar panels can be used by businesses to supply their workspaces, so your job may even benefit from such an installation or upgrade. 


If you live close to any body of water, whether this is a long twisting river or a vast open sea, you could be missing out by not utilising hydropower. Hydropower captures the energy that is generated by flowing water, and this can be a surprisingly large amount compared with what you might initially expect. Placing a hydro generator at the mouth of a fast flowing river can harness the power that the water uses to push forward at such a speed, helping to power a number of different properties or machinery from just one water source. You can even utilise a slow flowing water source such as a small stream or pond by installing a kind of wheel arrangement that’s powered and pushed by the tide or the movement of the water. There are many different opportunities across the nation and world that could harness the energy created by hydropower to benefit the entire world, and the only thing holding such advancements back is a lack of demand. 

Vegetable Oil 

One of the most surprising natural energy sources that you may never have considered previously is vegetable oil. Used vegetable oil is said to be able to power many different things, including your car if it’s originally made to utilise diesel, so it’s a wonderful idea to explore. Using biodiesel is increasing in popularity, as the process is almost carbon neutral and you only need to prepare your used oil by heating it up and filtering it well. As previously mentioned you can use biodiesel in any car that is supposed to run on normal diesel, but there are also several specially made vehicles that can utilise even the least refined oil. The plants which created the oil that you use for your biodiesel will have spent a considerable amount of time taking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere before they were converted into a source of power, so you needn’t stress about the environmental impacts as they are few and far between. 

Choosing the best green energy sources to suit your unique needs has never been so simple when you take the time to utilise the brilliant tips and tricks that have been carefully described above. Whether you decide to make the most of solar power by harnessing the sun’s rays, explore hydropower by utilising your local flowing water source or even choose to cut your waste by converting used vegetable oil into biodiesel, there are just so many brilliant options that you can explore today! 

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