Coco Boheme: Biodegradable Chalkboard Stickers

Writing on the wall is always fun for kids, but with Coco Boheme’s chalkboard stickers it can be fun for parents, too. These animal-shaped wall stickers are biodegradable as they’re made from a potato starch material. Each sticker is reusable and can be repositioned over and over again. Once you’re done with them, you can either compost them and return nutrients to the soil, or put them in the trash knowing that in about 6 months, 90% of the material will have biodegraded (as opposed to many decades for most vinyl stickers). The inks and glue are also eco-friendly, no chemical solvents. Stick one in a kid’s bedroom or in the entry way for family messages, wherever you decide to display these fun, eco chalkboards, adults and children alike will delight in them. Jump over to Inhabitots to check them out.
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