Eco-Friendly Cleaning Swaps to Start Today

With the ever-progressing consciousness surrounding environmentally friendly living, there is an importance to a growing number of people making small swaps to their lifestyle. It’sIt’s vital to reduce our environmental impact and reduce the number of toxic and harmful chemicals in the home for our health. 

Cleaning is something that every household takes seriously. Unfortunately, the products go across every surface, and we aren’t always 100% sure what is in them. Not only this, we have to hide these products away from animals and children. There are toxic and harmful chemicals all over the home. 

These chemicals can have a negative environmental impact, too. For example, chemical spills from factories have detrimental effects on shorelines, wildlife, and bodies of water. There are also concerns with the sourcing of these materials and the non-organic nature of the ingredients. Not to mention the reams of single-use plastics that go into making the packaging. 

There are minor changes we can make to our cleaning routines that can have a more considerable impact. So take the little steps at the start to cast your positive ripple. 

Refillable Products. 

Help take the steps towards reducing single-use plastic products by choosing refillable products. Several brands have taken steps to create refillable products to reduce the environmental impact of plastics that can’t be recycled. 

Have the choice of the original brand packaging that you can refill or choose glass bottles of your own in various colors that match the aesthetic of your home. 

Natural Options. 

Some people prefer to have natural product options in their homes as they worry about having the opposite health risks. However, these cleaning products touch every surface in our homes, from the floors we stand on to the kitchen sides that we prepare food on. 

Natural options may seem like better options for most homes, especially ones with children and pets. 

Not all of the natural options are considered eco-friendly, so it’s essential to research certain products. 

Home Made Products. 

Home-made options are also an excellent choice to avoid chemicals and single-use plastic. For example, we have all heard of the vinegar-citrus cleaning solution for all kinds of cleaning around the house. 

Get reusable bottles and see what you can come up with. 

Organic Cleaning. 

Organic cleaning and natural products may not seem like they can do as much as traditional ways. However, there are just as many options for organic cleaning. From organic carpet cleaning to organic disinfecting for the kitchen sides, there are many ways to make the switch. 

Plastic Free Products. 

We’ve all heard of the environmental impact of single-use plastic. It can’t be recycled and takes far too long in landfills to decompose. 

Some products use recycled plastics to make their packaging; however, a dedication to plastic-free products significantly reduces the environmental impact. 

The more we choose plastic-free products, the better the environmental impact is in the long term. 

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