Green Your Holidays: 6 Eco Friendly Holiday Tree Alternatives

For many families the start of the holiday season is marked with choosing a holiday tree. Each holiday season more than 25 million coniferous trees are cut and sold as holiday decorations. Although, the holiday tree is an important symbol of the holidays, it can be a hard choose to make when considering the environment.

It can take up to 15 years to grow a holiday tree that will be used for about a month. Many holiday tree farms use large amounts of pesticides and fertilizers which pollute the waterways, land and poison wildlife. Then after the holiday season, these trees usually disposed of in our local landfills.
You do have options when it comes to choosing a holiday tree and many of those choices can be friendly to the environment – and beautiful in your home too. Jump over to Cascadian Farm for my top 6 favorite holiday tree alternatives.

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