Green Your Stay at Home BBQ

Inviting friends and family over for a leisurely BBQ with good company and even better food is one of life’s simple pleasures but it isn’t always the greenest option. Don’t panic, though – you don’t have to give up your precious BBQs – there are so many things you can fo to make your next cookout a lot more green…

Buy food from the farmer’s market

Cut down on food miles by purchasing your BBQ meats, veggies, etc., from a local producer. Farmer’s markets are the ideal place to find locally produced food and you will probably find that it tastes even better than the stuff you buy at the store too, which means not only will your BBQ be greener, but you’ll be able to blow your guests away with the quality of your cooking too. What’s not to love?

More meat-free options

You may all be meat-eaters, but why not throw a few more veggie recipes on the BBQ than you normally would? Meat tends to have a much higher carbon footprint than delicious veggie options like grilled corn and cauliflower steaks, so even if you replace a small amount of meat on the BBQ with fruit and veg, you will be lowering your footprint, and you know what – ith the right marinade they’re just as delicious.

Switch straws

Chances are you’ll be making up a pitcher or two of your favorite cocktail, but instead of serving it with plastic straws like you normally would, why not go straw-free or if you can’t manage that, use biodegradable straws instead. Straws are greatest for sipping a delightful drink, but if they’re plastic, they’ll still be around polluting the environment long after you’re gone. By making a simple switch, you can still enjoy your drinks, but in a far greener way.

Set up a recycling station

If you’re BBQs and to result in a lot of trash, one thing you could do is set up a recycling station that you can encourage your guests to use. This can be as simple as setting up an area with cardboard or plastic boxes each labeled with the type of trash they’ll take – paper, plastic cans, etc.. Then, you won’t end up with a trashcan full of perfectly recyclable stuff, nor will you have to sift through said trashcan to separate it all out yourself.

Use a wood-burning stove

If you already have a grill, there’s no sense in going out and buying a new one – that would just be wasteful – but if you’re in the market for one, consider going for a wood-burner instead of a grill that uses gas. That way you can use reclaimed or sustainable wood to cook your food, which is a little greener than fuel that has to be extracted from the earth.

Use fuel sparingly

Using only just enough fuel to cook your food is a great way to make your BBQ a little greener without compromising on the taste of your food. Even turning off the gas hen yo0u aren’t in the process of grilling will make a huge difference and if you do this, cover the grill when cooking and watch fuel consumption, you’ll use less and produce less pollution.

Enjoy your greener grilling!

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