How to Upcycle Wine Corks into Place Card Holders for Your Thanksgiving Table

Every Thanksgiving, I encourage Eben to spend some time crafting something special for the Thanksgiving table. He has made apple printed napkins, pine cone turkey centerpieces and floral arrangements. This year we really wanted to utilize the corks we have saved over the past year – so we started brainstorming fun crafts. We decided to use the corks along with a handful of other supplies from the recycling bin and craft closet to make turkey inspired place cards.

This project is super simple and will keep your child busy Thanksgiving morning while you are cooking, baking, cleaning and getting ready for the big day. At the end of the project your child will have these fun colorful place cards to offer as their part of the Thanksgiving table decor. Then, as your guests leave after the feast, they can take their turkeys home with them as a memento of a cherished day together. Jump over to Inhabitots for the simple instructions on how to make these upcycled wine cork turkey inspired place card holders for the Thanksgiving table.

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