Have a Lovely Green Weekend + A Few Green Things

Hello, Friends! Are you excited for the weekend? We plan to have a low-key, laid-back, relaxing weekend. I am thinking beach days, grilling up goodies in the afternoon and reading on the patio at night. We are finishing settling into our new space – all we have left to do is organize the garage and hang our family photographs. So far we are really enjoying it and excited for the year to come.

While I slip on my flip-flops, here are a few green things to entertain you this weekend:

– These tiny Polaroid magnets are on my to-do list!
– An 8 level garden with waterfalls – this is my type of mall.
– Would you get a tattoo of your Facebook friends’ profile photos?
– Have you wondered what the impact of imported tropical fruit is?
– Do you take time for the birds?
– I think I definitely need to make a little orange sherbet!
– This bamboo Lilly’s chair is sized for kids.

Have a lovely weekend, wear your organic sunscreen and I will see you here on Monday.

Sweet Greens

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