Have a Wonderful Christmas + A Few Green Things

Hello, Friends! Are you ready for the big day? Only 3 days to go! Have you finished your holiday shopping? Or do you have a few loose ends to tidy up before the weekend? I have a single gift left to wrap – I wanted to get everything done before this evening so I could relax the next few days. All I want is to snuggle up on my sofa with my family and Noodles the Pug – and sip a hot cup of peppermint cocoa.

While I get out my favorite eco-friendly wrapping paper, here are a few green things to take you through the weekend:

– Did you know your smartphone can help you detect drafty windows?
– Organic Valley is giving away a $12k kitchen!
– Have you seen the mysterious underwater “crop circles” off the coast of Japan?
– You can still make a simple holiday wreath this weekend!
– I will be adding these 5 books to our family reading list for 2013.
– This recycled can camera is super cool – too bad it doesn’t take photos!
– I love the idea of a holiday tree in the middle of the room.
– Next year, I have to hang white lights from the ceilings in our home.

Whether you celebrate the Winter Solstice, Christmas or a late Hanukkah (like us!), I hope the next few days are full of the people you love, yummy foods, and a lot of fun!

I will be taking Monday and Tuesday off to soak up all the goodness – I will see you back here on Wednesday.

Happy Holidays!
Sweet Greens

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  1. AngelaLilly December 24, 2012 at 4:53 pm #

    enjoy your days off with your family and cocoa! that is SO cool about the draft detector…will def share that with hubby! I’ve been entering that Organic Valley contest weekly! LOL that is amazing what that little fish was able to accomplish!!! that coke camera is adorable…it is truly amazing what people can make out of “trash” isn’t it? I love the simplicity of that tree…very scandanavian!

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