How to Upcycle an Old Tee Shirt into a Trick or Treat Bag in 3 Simple Steps

Halloween is looming, and now is the time to start making all of those fun spooky crafts to celebrate. You can customize a fun trick or treat bag for your child by upcycling an old T-shirt that would be slated for the garbage or donation bin. Pick a tee that either matches the theme of your child’s costume or has a fun graphic on the front.

These upcycled T-shirt bags are super easy to make (they only take 3 simple steps), they are heavy duty, super durable and easy to clean (just throw them in the washer), and they can be made in an array of colors and sizes. The best part, these T-shirts bags take only a few minutes to create and your child will have a completely unique Trick or Treat bag that can be used again and again after the festivities — perhaps for toting groceries! Jump over to Inhabitots to learn how to upcycle your old tee shirts into Trick or Treat bags in 3 simple steps.

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