Lockdown: The Perfect Time To Plan An Eco-Friendly Home

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Right now, our planet is in crisis. Country by country, the world is locking down. Jobs are furloughed. Car numbers on the roads are slashed. The aviation industry is almost entirely grounded. We’re all safe inside our homes while we patiently wait for a virus to dissipate – and it’s not easy. It’s not easy to have to stay away from other people, and it’s certainly not easy to only go out of the house for the essentials. 

However, every cloud has a silver lining, and it’s not always rain. Being in the house, you have the chance to get all of the jobs done you’d put off for some time, and you also have the opportunity to plan your home to be more eco-friendly. After all, while you’re inside and doing nothing but waiting, it’s easy to fret over whether you’ll manage to get your job back or will senior citizens get a check once the stimulus kicks in. There is plenty to worry about, but the shining light here is that with all of those grounded planes came cleaner air. With fewer cars on the road, the air pollution rates have dropped. The job you’re waiting for will still wait for you when the world resumes. In the meantime, let’s check out some of the ways that you can enjoy an eco-friendly home.

#1: Start Thinking About Water

Do you really need to have the washer and the dishwasher running so often? Probably not! Take the time to sort your routine so that you are using less water in the house. Wait for your dishes to build up and stop running the sprinkler system so often. If you’re worried about the lawn, replace it with an artificial one: all the green and none of the waste!

#2: Smart Meters, Anyone?

Whether you are old or young, managing the pennies is a good idea. You can start with a smart meter. The heat in the home is the most significant way that people use their energy, but it doesn’t have to be massively expensive for you. If you waste your heat by having it click on and off, you’ll watch your energy go down with your smart meter. So, you need to use the timer on the smart meter to set the right times for the heat. This way, your home stays adequately warm without too much trouble.

#3: LED Bulbs

You bought them ages ago, and they’re living in the kitchen cupboard. You need to install those bulbs and enjoy far less money spent on your energy bills! LED bulbs are better for the environment, and they save you money: what’s not to love!

#4: Learn To Make Your Own

When it comes to being stuck inside during lockdown, you can start embracing your own natural cleaning products. Think about checking out recipes like this one and making your own stuff to clean with. You’ll see the difference right away, and your home will be free of chemicals.

Don’t let lockdown get you down. Keep busy and learn to be sustainable – it’ll make a difference!


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