My Big Fat Green Wedding: 6 Green Tips For Your Special Day

Are you getting married? Lucky you! Have you considered ways to green your special day? Here are of my 6 favorite eco-friendly ways to say I do – read on to get started.

1. Make It Natural
Choose a favorite spot in nature for your ceremony and reception. This way you can express your love of the outdoors and by having both the ceremony and reception at the same location, your guests will use fewer fossil fuels since they won’t have to travel to two locations.

2. Go Vintage
Choose a beautiful vintage wedding gown, giving a timeless piece another chance to shine or choose an elegant dress that you can wear again and again.

3. Get Social
Create a wedding website or blog to share all of the details of your upcoming special day. If you start this early enough, your guests can follow all of the updates that you can make, everything from what themes you are thinking of to what cake designs you like.

4. Linens and Things
Rent all of your linens, silverware, and china, that way there will be nothing to throw away after your big day.

5. Flowers
Check out your local farmers’ markets and eco-friendly garden stores for local flowers or plants for your wedding bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces. Most wedding flowers that you see are imported and therefore have an extremely high carbon footprint – going local and organic can make a huge difference on your impact to the environment.

6. Favors
Thank each of your guests by giving them a favor that gives back. Some of my favorite flavors include; seedlings, potted plants, and vintage books. At my wedding, I gave each guest a vintage book with a handmade label inside with our names and wedding date.

What other ways are you planning to green your wedding?

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