My Child is a Cocoa Snob, Is Yours?

Eben loves a nice pipping hot cup of cocoa after school, especially in the winter. I thought that since we moved to Florida, this would no longer be a request of his – I was wrong. The problem however is that my child is a cocoa snob. He is very picky about the cocoa that he likes and unfortunately the brand that he loved in Colorado is no where to be found in Florida or online?

Yesterday while doing a little shopping with Mr. Sweet Greens, we came across Silly Cow Marshmallow Swirl Hot Cocoa. And with all natural ingredients, a fun glass bottle and design (I am positive the Eben will HAVE to keep the bottle) and that Silly Cow Farms is in Vermont, I purchased a bottle. I wonder if Silly Cow’s Hot Cocoa will survive Eben’s delicate palate? {smile} Oh well, if he doesn’t like it – I am sure it will be enjoyed by me. {wink}

How about you lovely readers, do you have a favorite natural or organic hot cocoa mix?
Is there a particular hot cocoa mix that you have to buy over and over again for your children?

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