Rock Your Child’s Lunch Box with These Great Green Options!


Back to school time means so many things for all of us – new school schedules, jugging family/work, after school activities, homework; the list goes on and on!  With so many things on our daily agenda, you need a back-to-school lunch menu to get you through the week!

Ebens Lunchbox

When Eben was younger, we loved the Laptop Lunches bento box, we had an extensive menu that we would pack for him! Now, that Eben is in middle school – it means that lunchtime is actually social time, and lunch is really an after thought – we really had to get creative to ensure he was eating. So instead of packing him a huge lunch in a bento box that he won’t have the time to really sit down and enjoy, we have resorted to sending him with several mini-lunch options that he can nibble on throughout the day.

We participated in Rock the Lunchbox this year and received a bunch of great coupons and healthy lunch ideas, so we decided to take the coupons and start to build a new lunch menu for Eben. We have been packing an assortment of organic meats, cheeses, fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds too – all in the Kids Conserve nesting tins! We also tried out the new Applegate Half Time Lunches, these are perfect for those mornings when something pops up and I start to run out of time! We already love Honest Kids pouches and utilize them when we are short on time too!


For fun, I asked Eben to draw me a picture of his dream lunch – and I about died of laughter! I love the blue “natural Jello” – is that an oxymoron or what? And hi drawing a pickle is spot on! Too funny!

To learn more about Rock the Lunchbox, visit Rock the Lunch Box and grab your coupons and get more healthy lunch ideas to rock your child’s lunch box too! So, I’m wondering – what’s in your child’s lunchbox?


Full Disclosure: This post was created in partnership with Stonyfield – however, I would have told you about these products anyway, since we already use them!

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