Stylish and Sustainable Ideas For Your Home

Get your place up-to-date by making it sustainable, yet as stylish as possible. Don’t worry you don’t need to spend a fortune re-doing up your living space. In 2020 it’s more fashionable to minimize your consumption and in turn your spending. You can give your place the refreshing touches it needs to reflect your character while reducing your carbon footprint at the same time. Have fun with your decor and create a more unique, yet timeless look with a combination of vintage and more personal additions. 

Art Attack

Have a look online or in vintage or second-hand shops for unique pieces of artwork. Choose the ones that best reflect your sense of humor and personality. Vintage posters are in style and always create a timeless look if you’re stuck for ideas. Vintage advertising can be really fun and quirky. 

If you’re feeling brave enough, why not create some art yourself? You can go to a painting or drawing workshop to learn the basics if you’re not an expert. If you don’t feel up to it yourself, why not ask a friend with a more artistic touch? Something more personal will definitely add a lot of character and sentimental value. You could create a piece out of recycled materials again, or photos, if you’re not feeling very inspired. 

Collectors’ Items

Collecting is actually considered pretty trendy nowadays. Pick something that interests you. There are many cool things to collect this year such as old tech, vinyl and music memorabilia, toys and basically anything vintage. You can set up areas to display your collection, for example, an old record player in the corner displayed next to your collection of vinyl. Bookshelves are also a great way to display your collection of books and these familiar reads will make you feel more like yourself in your home. Hipster-types tend to go for old video consoles and technology, such as typewriters and other household machines. Go for something that reflects your interests, however, and don’t worry about following the crowds. 

Lighten up

Nothing is more important to interior design than light. Learn how to use light to your advantage, both natural and artificial. This year it’s all about staying as sustainable as possible, this will more often than not, also save you a lot of money. Replace your existing lightbulbs with LEDs as these will last you a lifetime. Stick to white or lighter colors for the main walls and ceilings. This will help to light the room. Put up wall lighting or sconces to highlight more artistic features. These could be interesting artwork for example, or parts of the architecture, such as naked brickwork. Lower hanging ceiling lights are trending at the moment, these can also be used as a feature piece. Look for some cool lampshades in a second-hand shop near you, for a cheaper and more individual look. You don’t need to worry about matching as you can get a collection of feature pieces and fun items. 

Throws and Pillows

Add some comfort to your living room and bedrooms with second-hand rugs, carpets, pillows, and throws. This can help to create insulation and warmth as well, particularly carpets as you won’t lose as much heat through the floors. Again you can go for the second-hand option and find some cheap bargains. Choose patterns with white or lighter lines to help to throw light around the room. Color schemes trending this year are navy against white, natural blues and greens and soft pinks and peaches. Go for as wild a pattern as you like. As for patterns in 2020, anything goes so choose whatever best suits your personality.

The only way is upcycling

Overspending on lavish or ostentatious furniture is not the done thing anymore. If you really wanna show off your living space, you’ve got to decorate it yourself with recycled materials. Get creative by refurbishing with used fabrics. Choose your favorite designs to spruce up your chairs, sofas, bedding, and cushions. Upcycling is trending massively this year. If you’re feeling able to pysch yourself up for a bit of a project why not give it a go? Get your friends to join in or look for a group or a workshop near you, if you need a little bit of help or inspiration. 

Here are just simple ways you can make your home match your environmentally-conscientious life changes this year. Now you can get back to your ev trip planner and mapping out your next big journey as an eco-warrior. 

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