Target Simply Balanced Collection: Your Questions Answered!

Remember our back to school party with Target’s Simply Balanced Collection a couple of months ago? It was so much fun and being able to share all of the goodies from Target’s Simply Balanced Collection was a blast. Many of our friends and family have been telling us that certain items have become staples in their pantry and children’s lunchboxes – especially the gluten-free options. However, I received a lot of questions from both them and readers about the collection too. I wanted to go back to Target and ask some more direct questions about the Simply Balanced Collection. Here is the full Q+A session below!

Q: What inspired the Simply Balanced collection? What made Target decide to add it to their stores?
A: Target launched Simply Balanced to offer more choices for our guests seeking simple and delicious ways to eat well.  We know many of our guests are increasingly seeking to add wholesome and organic food options to their wellness lifestyles, whether that is for themselves or for their families.  Our Simply Balanced guest knows that eating well is an important part of managing her overall wellbeing. She is looking for a simple way to choose healthy foods that taste good and offer value.

Q: Since the collection contains natural, organic and GMO-free products, does that mean the collection will cost a lot more than its non-natural counterpart?
A: Simply Balanced offers authentic, simple, great tasting foods at a value with a price range from $1 to $14.99.  Target has a full team dedicated to costing expertise and product management.  They partner closely with our suppliers to make sure that we are delivering the best product at the best price.
Q: Will more store locations be carrying a larger selection of the 250 products? Will the product line be expanded beyond the 250 products?
A: Our grocery assortment varies by Target store, as will the Simply Balanced assortment.  In the future, guests can expect to see additional Simply Balanced products in all areas of grocery, including our frozen and dairy areas.

Q: Many of my readers are gluten-free, are there any gluten-free products in the collection?
A: Yes, guests will find a variety of gluten free products in the Simply Balanced line, including:

  • Gluten free pasta (varieties: spaghetti and fusilli)
  • Gluten free rice crackers (varieties: sesame, multi-grain with flax and multi-seed)
  • Gluten free tortilla chips (varieties: blue corn, blue corn flax, white corn and yellow corn.
  • Additionally, many of the Simply Balanced products are naturally gluten free, such as milk, freeze dried fruit, dried fruit, frozen fish filets and frozen fruits and vegetables.

Q: While the collection includes many natural and organic products, do any of them contain MSG, added hormones or antibiotics?

  • We have a full list of the 105 common food additive ingredients that the Simply Balanced collection will exclude, available here.
  • Examples of food additive ingredients that Simply Balanced will NOT include are: aspartame, antibiotics, nitrates/nitrites, high fructose corn syrup, saccharin, sucralose and partially hydrogenated oils.
  • In addition, as part of Target’s commitment to wellness, the Simply Balanced collection will eliminate all GMOs by the end of 2014.

Yay! I am especially excited that the Simply Balanced collection will eliminate all GMO’s by the end of 2014.

Have you tried the Target Simply Balanced Collection? Which are your favorite products? 

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