7 Unique Ways To Enjoy A Hike With Your Family

Hiking is one of my family’s favorite fall activities. The cool, crisp air, colorful leaves and the quiet calm that come with fall beckon us for hiking. Whether your family spends a lot of time hiking or you are just starting out, one of the best ways to ensure that your hiking trips are fun for everyone is by finding unique ways to experience them together. By adding a new perspective to your family’s hikes, you engage your children to the point where hiking will become one of their favorite activities too. And not only will you be spending time together as a family and getting some exercise, you can also incorporate learning and surprises along the way. Jump over to Inhabitots to learn my 7 unique ways that my family enjoys fall hikes together and give one a of them a try this fall with your own family.

photo credit TrailMix.com via Inhabitots

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