Green Halloween 2012: Nothing New Costumes

Can you believe that Halloween is next week? I feel like October is just zipping by! And for the past week, the conversation at our house has been non-stop Halloween. Same for you? Over the weekend we finally decided on Halloween costumes! Eben is dressing up like Finn from Adventure Time – which just makes me giggle. He always has great ideas for his Halloween costumes! Remember when he was a Jedi Knight, Ash Ketchum, The Angel of Migraines, and a Pirate! All costumes made from things we already had or picked up at the thrift store!

This year, Mr. Sweet Greens and I are going to dress up as a Dia De Los Muertos couple. Remember when we dressed up as Obi Wan Kenobi and Padme from Star Wars and the VooDoo Couple. Our goal is to use items from our own closets – and anything else, we will find at the thrift store. I am hoping to set some time aside today to work on putting the costumes together. I can’t wait to share the photos! Also, I have been getting daily costume makeup inspiration on Pinterest! It’s my go-to place for Halloween inspiration.

Have you decided on Halloween costumes yet? Are you making a costume from things you find around the house?

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