Ask Sweet Greens: How to Naturally Clean Your Washer

Dear Sweet Greens,

I have a top-loading washer and whenever I wash my clothes they come out smelly mildewy! The washer is only a couple of years old – what is going on? How do I naturally clean it? 

Sick of smelling stinky socks, 
——————————Hi Melissa,

Ha! I completely understand and have experienced the stinky mildewy smell before. Luckily, I have a remedy that will knock that stink out and some tips that will help ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Step 1: Clean + Green
First, fill the washer to the top with using the hot water feature, then add 2 cups of white vinegar and 2 tablespoons eco-friendly dish washing liquid to the water because it starts the wash cycle.
BEWARE: It is going to look disgusting – you can repeat this process if the water isn’t clean in the rinse cycle.

Step 2: Keep it Fresh
Keep the yuck out tips: The main reason that your washer smells mildewy is due to using too much soap. Cut back on the amount of dish washing soap that you are using to wash your clothes and after you place the clothing in the dryer – leave the lid open until the inside of the washer is completely dry or until you wash your next load.

Step 3: Enjoy!
Enjoy fresh, cleaning smelling laundry – good luck!

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