Building An Eco-Friendly Home: The Exterior Upgrades & Features

When creating your vision of a green home, your thoughts jump straight to LED lights, roof insulation, and water-saving toilets. However, it’s not all about the upgrades made inside the four walls. In truth, upgrades to the property’s exterior and external spaces can be equally telling. 

You can complete many of the transformations without impacting your home life during the work. So, it makes sense to prioritize these projects at the start of the eco-friendly overhaul. Here are the best solutions available.

Adding Solar Panels

Roof solar panels are arguably the most obvious move towards a greener home. While they are a significant investment, their impact on your utility bills as well as the environment is huge. By seeking the best solar energy companies available, the investment will pay for itself in the long run. In addition to cutting your need to use energy from the network, it is often possible to sell harvested energy back to the grid.

The roof panels make a significant statement about your intentions to lead an eco-friendly life. Strangely, this can give you the motivation to make further upgrades. This makes them the perfect starting point.

Improving Your Garden Space

Your backyard is an area that should naturally embrace eco-friendly vibes. However, you can take the impacts to a whole new level with a few simple upgrades. An eco-friendly lawn supported with the right choice of plants will put you on the path to success. Meanwhile, creating a compost heap can further support your bid for a greener home. Growing fruits and vegetables is another step that many homeowners enjoy.

The great thing about garden upgrades is that they encourage you to spend more time outside too. This in itself can point you towards an eco-friendly future.

Fixing Doors & Windows

Even the smallest faults relating to your doors and windows can lead to lost insulation. Even when the damage does not threaten the safety or security of the property, you should make a change. A double glazing specialist can install the right features to keep the heat in. It can also boost soundproofing elements while also protecting the home. In most cases, the upgrades provide a positive ROI while the projects rarely require planning permission.

If nothing else, returning home to see new windows and doors will enhance your love of the home. In truth, this should be more than enough motivation to make the upgrade.

Use Upcycled & Recycled Items

One of the best ways to boost your eco-efficiency is to reuse old items. Old pallets can be turned into garden furniture and decorations. Meanwhile, buying used materials to revamp the home’s siding, guttering, and front yard may be possible too. It’s important to ensure that all items are in great condition. Still, there’s nothing wrong with making a financial saving that also saves the planet. At the same time, you can sell your unwanted goods to claw back some funds.

One person’s junk is another’s treasure. Moreover, the old goods and upcycled items can provide a unique vibe that turns your home into the envy of your neighbors. The fact that the property becomes greener in the process is merely a bonus.


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