New Tech is Helping Us Eat Better and Cleaner

When it comes to healthy eating, there are many obstacles that can often reduce your possibility of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, especially since obesity is becoming a worldwide pandemic. However, the world of tech—particularly the Internet of Things can help you eat cleaner and create useful habits for living a healthier life.

IoT devices can help you create clean eating habits. This gadget lights up to let you know that you are eating too quickly and that you need to slow down, which makes you feel satisfied with smaller portions. If you are set on eating cleaner and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, here are more IoT tools that can help you out.


If you have trouble keeping track of the amount of food you eat, try the SmartPlate. By simply taking photos of your food, this gadget instantly inspects whatever you are eating and helps keep track of your food diary automatically. In case you are overeating, SmartPlate will warn you via its app to reduce your portions. 


When cooking, especially meat, it is important to ensure the interior of the food reaches a temperature that is sufficient enough to destroy pathogens that may lead to foodborne illnesses. The range thermometer does more than just taking temperatures. This gadget can provide ideal temperature variations for your food, allowing you to know how hot your food should be. You can even put it in the oven when cooking; and most interesting of them all, this gadget can send you alerts and updates over the internet, letting you know how well cooked your steak is. 


Drinking enough water per day is key if you want to stay healthy. Water helps in flushing out toxins, prevent snacking, and generally make you feel better. The problem is that drinking water is more of a chore to most people as they would rather have a glass of wine at dinner rather than drink a glass of water. 

Devices such as smart water bottles and sippo cups help track your water intake and even send reminders to your phone probing you to drink up. These devices will also give you reports on the amount of water you’ve drunk at the end of the day, and how much more you have to drink to meet your daily or weekly intake. 

Calorie Counters

Calorie counters can help you make precise changes to your diet, for instance eating fewer carbs or more protein. This is helpful if you are trying to lose, gain, or even add weight. You first start by providing your present weight, body type, and how much weight you plan to lose. The app will then tell you the number of calories you can take, and if you record it on the app, it can help keep you on track. 

IoT is slowly invading homes across the globe, with more and more people yearning for a smarter abode. But, while having smart doorbells and automatic light bulbs is a nice luxury, people are asking if IoT devices can do more than just providing a luxurious home. And, the answer is yes, IoT is here to make our lives easier, and this includes a healthy diet.  

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