Family Room Rug Makeover with FLOR Carpet Squares

When we moved into current home – my favorite part was the open kitchen, dining and living room space. Since our home is tiny (1,000 square feet) this is our main living area that we spend almost all of our time in.

Eben likes to snuggle up on the rug with the dogs and his computer. I like to snuggle in the corner of the sofa during movie time and for coffee on the weekends. And you can most likely find the mister comfy in his favorite chair or cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Since this space is so small we can all be in the area doing different things but still be together. (It’s a good thing we really like each other!)

The problem with the space was the rug we had in it was simply too small and made the whole room look and feel smaller. (I wanted to share a before picture, but the mister surprised me by putting the rug together for me when I wasn’t home! However, you can see the rug that was in the space before here.) Since Olive, our French Bulldog is now potty trained (Hooray!) we decided it was the perfect time to get a new rug. We wanted something large, sustainable, beautiful and that would pull all of the room together – and since FLOR has so many different options available, we were confident that we could find something that would be perfect.

Because FLOR carpet squares can be placed in any configuration, pattern or size we knew we would be perfect in our rectangular shaped space. It took us forever to pick out the perfect rug – seriously, the selection is huge, trying to pick just one almost felt impossible! After a lot of back and forth – the mister and I finally agreed on the Vintage Vibe in cream, it’s a modern take on the traditional Moroccan Beni Ouarain rugs with diamond shaped “starburst” patterning with subtle irregularities that honor the characteristics of ancient weaving techniques. It’s made in the USA out of 100% recycled face fibers too! We felt it was the perfect combination of sophistication and coziness!

The installation is quick and simple, the mister just stuck them together with the stickers that came with the carpet squares and within a few minutes we had a nice, cozy rug that our entire family loves!

What do you think?

Full Disclosure: I received a FLOR carpet tile rug to review – however, we have used FLOR before and really believe in the brand, so I would have told you about them anyway!

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