Green Child Magazine: How to Make Upcycled Christmas Tree Ornaments

For the holiday issue of Green Child Magazine, I put together a quick easy upcycled craft to keep the kids busy this holiday season, Christmas tree ornaments. One of our favorite holiday traditions is making ornaments for the tree with our children. It’s even better when these ornaments are made using recycled and found items.

These simple recycled Christmas tree ornaments fit the bill and are super fun to make too. This would be the perfect craft to entertain the children while you are preparing Thanksgiving dinner – it will be ready to hang on the tree the following day! Read on for the simple how-to and get crafting with your kids.

•    Wooden ice pop sticks
•    Glue
•    Natural paint
•    Glitter
•    Stickers or found items
•    Scrap paper
•    Baker’s twine


1.    Glue 3 wooden ice pop sticks into a square shape – by adding a touch of glue to each corner.
2.    Paint the wooden ice pop square green – we used our favorite Glob paints!
3.    Immediately add glitter on top the green paint – allow the square to completely dry.
4.    Lightly shake the triangle so the excess glitter falls off. Then add the stickers, found items or paint ornaments on the triangle.
5.    Cut a scrap piece of paper for the trunk and glue it into place.
6.    Cut a scrap piece of baker’s twine into a loop for hanging your ornament on the tree.

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Cover photo via Green Child Magazine

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