Meet Our Newest Family Member: Olive the French Bulldog

We have been talking about adding a new member to our family since Lilly passed away a year and half ago. We knew that we wanted a French Bulldog – we love that they look similar to our beloved Lilly – however, are smaller and we have heard snugglier! English Bulldogs are the gentlest, sweetest dogs, however due to their size and flat faces, not necessarily a snuggle bunny, they get too hot!

We had been watching the adoption websites and Craigslist to see if even Frenchies had come up for adoption in our area. We knew that we wanted to either adopt one from a rescue or from someone who could no longer care for one. That is when I saw her – and while the photograph wasn’t good and we didn’t have a lot of information on her, the mister and I decided to go visit her on Monday. Eben was so ready to adopt her, he insisted that we take his $100 to put towards the adoption fee.

We took Noodles with us, in case we decided to adopt her – we had to make sure they were compatible (Noodles comes first!) – I knew immediately that she was the right dog for us. She is tiny, sweet, playful, super snuggly and Noodles likes her too! We are happy to have her home with us and we are working with her – she is terrified of stairs and cowers every time you pet her. She also had a super bad ear and skin infection and still needs some help with potty training – however,  she is healing up and learning quick! We think she is perfect and are quite smitten with her.

Do you love French Bulldogs? Do you have one – what has your experience been with yours?

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