4 Great Career Choices in The Green Industry

With the economy in its current state, you may be looking into a new career. Or, you may be starting college and haven’t decided on a career path yet. Either way, you may want to consider a “green” career? With our Earth so desperately needing a helping hand and with the green world expanding so quickly, this may be a perfect time to choose a career in the green industry. A green career doesn’t mean you have to be a scientist. There are many options available, in fact, an online University can help you find a great training program for some of your career sources. Read on to learn my 4 favorites.

1. Green Chef
Go to culinary school and train to become an organic chef or start your own green restaurant or catering business. 

2. Organic, Bio-dynamic Farmer
You could start your own organic farm, biodynamic winery, or even start a local co-op or CSA.

3. Spokesperson for a Green Project
Anything you are passionate about will have a green nonprofit. Everything from birds to city parks – find what you love and make it your job. 

4. Green Architect
More and more green homes are being built. Green Architects are playing a significant role in designing and planning new sustainable housing communities.

Are you considering a green career? Which one?

2 Responses to 4 Great Career Choices in The Green Industry

  1. Dimmusacio May 2, 2009 at 5:02 pm #

    Those are some great ideas. My favorite is the green chef 🙂


  2. Sweet Greens May 2, 2009 at 5:08 pm #

    Thank you. My husband says he should have become a green chef. xo.

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