Have a Lovely Green Weekend + A Few Green Things

Wow. This week has been busy, busy, busy for me. Early in the week, we created our potted vegetable garden for the back patio. It turned out perfectly and I am looking forward to fresh tomatoes, peppers and herbs! What goodies have you been enjoying from your garden?

Last night, Mr. Sweet Greens and Eben went snorkeling at one of our favorite reefs and saw six giant loggerhead sea turtles and a handful of 10-foot long nurse sharks. How great is that? And why, may I ask, do they see sharks and sea turtles every-single-time that I don’t go? I still have not seen a nurse shark or sea turtle in the wild? No fair.

And – as many of you know, I also work as a virtual assistant for some fabulous clients – I have been working virtually for over 10 years. I love working virtually because of the lower impact that I have on the environment and the extra time I am able to spend with my family. So, I finally decided it was time to do a little work on and launch my personal virtual assistant website. If you or anyone you know is looking for assistance with emails, voicemails, social media, or administrative tasks, drop me a note.

While, I finish up all of my work so I can have a relaxing weekend with the boys, here are a few green things I thought you might enjoy:

– I love all things Japanese and this home with a green roof is no exception!
– Jordan is getting ready to leaving on her Greek Isle sailing trip and Mr. Sweet Greens is so jealous.
TOMS now has hats + a pair of shoes is donated to children in need. I am going to order one now!
– Do you eat meat-free at least once a week?
– OMGoodness, a strawberry sandwich? Yes, please.

Have a fantastic weekend, get some rest and I will see you back here on Monday.

Sweet Greens

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