You may remember a few months back, Noodles (our Pug) had a seizure – which the veterinarian thinks was due to PDE (Pug Dog Encephalitis). The good news, it has been three months and she hasn’t had another seizure, the bad news, today her cornea ruptured. Eben and I spent the better part of the afternoon with her in the emergency room. (The cornea rupture did not have anything to do with PDE). However, because she is on steroids for the PDE, she can’t be put under Anesthesia for a Cornea Transplant. We are going to meet with the neurologist to see what other options we have, for now she is on a major cocktail of eye drops (which she doesn’t appreciate one single bit). The even better news, we will love her the same regardless of whether she has two eyes or one. Poor girl.

The beautiful photos were taken by my dear friend Cameron the day after Noodles had the seizure. You can find more of the photos that she took of Noodles here and more of her lovely work here.

Aren’t the photos fantastic?
She absolutely caught the essence of Noodles.

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