Have a Lovely Weekend + A Few Green Things

Hello, Friends! How was your week? Mine seemed to fly by and I can’t wait to kick off the weekend. The mister now gets home from work at 3 p.m. on Fridays! Hooray! The weekend have to be the most wonderful time of the week.

We are going to pick Eben up from school and spend the afternoon bike riding. One of the stops on our adventure this afternoon will have to be Whole Foods – we need a pumpkin or two. The mister was teasing me this morning saying that we will have to get pumpkins that are small enough to fit in our bike baskets or we will have to try to juggle them home. Ha!

While I get the bikes ready for our adventure, here are a few green things for you to enjoy this weekend.

– Students shun all beef burgers, demand 26 ingredient processed meat patties.
– Old entertainment center turned new toy storage – this is fantastic!
– Grass-grazed Cinderella Pumpkin Ice-cream. Yes, please.
– Will you March Against Monsanto tomorrow?
– If you are heading to the beach this weekend, stay alert coastal sharks are migrating right now.
– Why, yes – you can grow your own furniture.

I hope you have a amazing, cool fall weekend with your loved ones and enjoy a spiced pumpkin latte for me.

Sweet Greens

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