How to Make Animal Alphabet Cards Using Fall Leaves

One of my favorite fall activities is taking a fall family hike and collecting the brightest, most unique leaves that we can find. The problem is, we always come home with a large selection of leaves and no idea of how to use or enjoy them. I had a fun selection of leaves sitting inside a book, drying since our fall family trip to Montana last year. I had almost forgotten they were there, when I thought of using those leaves to create fun animal alphabet cards for my Eben’s bedroom.

This fall craft is super fun and can keep kids busy for an hour or two. You most likely already have all of the supplies you need in your craft closet, and it’s the perfect excuse for getting outside, enjoying the fall colors and taking a hike with your children. Jump over to Inhabitots for the simple directions for making a set of these animal alphabet cards for your child’s bedroom.

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