Helping Your Child Prepare For Exams

Maths questions from past papers are an essential aspect of revision. For many children, these periods in their life are the first exam condition tests they experience. Given this, it is important that, as well as doing well and achieving their potential, they can come away with a positive view of the experience as a whole. To achieve this, it is important that the idea of undertaking exams is second nature and that preparation, including using maths past papers, starts early and is integrated into the children’s normal routine. 

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Understanding The Role Of Maths Past Papers

Years of research have shown that when it comes to revising for any exam, it is important to start early. Cramming, although it works for a small minority, overloads the brain and can increase anxiety while reducing the actual amount of information retained. When it comes to younger children facing exam conditions for the first time, the experience of the exam itself is just as important as remembering the facts, techniques, and methods that have been studied. This is one of the ways in which past maths questions can help. 

If children are introduced to the form of the paper early, they become familiar with the layout, question styles, and answer spaces they face. Parents can ensure that they are providing the right stimulus at home with recognized and approved past papers. Past papers are also a great way of finding gaps in children’s knowledge and understanding. 

Once these areas are highlighted, teachers, tutors, and parents can work with the child focusing on maths questions and answers that the child lacks confidence in. If you’re not confident in helping your child, tutors can assist. Remote tutors using the likes of can show how children should answer questions. 

Having access to a range of past and sample papers also means that children can be prepped for the different types of questions that could be asked. This is important as, if they are only taught one form of a question, they could lose marks simply because they did not recognize what a question was asking them to do. 

Reducing The Stress Of KS2 Maths Reasoning Questions

One area where children definitely need to experience a range of question types is KS2 maths reasoning questions. Reasoning in mathematics can take many forms, and it is crucial that children experience as many of these forms as possible, so they do not experience stress, anxiety, and panic during exams. 

Using a range of past papers with different maths questions KS2 allows children to experience the different ways in which reasoning questions can be worded. They can see that while the wording changes, and different situations are used within the questions, the methods needed to solve the questions remain consistent. The question needs to be decoded, and the specific mathematical parts of the question found and understood. Once the child has understood how to determine the important information, they can work on solving the problems and presenting their workings and answers. 

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