How to Create your own Organic Herb Container Garden

Herbs are easy and fun to grow, good for your body and give all of your meals that special touch. You can grow herbs almost anywhere and in a small space too. Herb gardens are a lot of fun to create with your children and make fabulous gifts too! You can make your own easy organic herb garden in just a few shorts steps, read on to get started.

What you will need:
– several assorted flower pots
– organic potting soil
– organic fertilizer
– organic herb seedlings

1. Pick a Pot or Several:
Choose one large 16″ pot or several smaller pots for your herb container garden. Make sure your pot has holes for drainage or is deep enough to add a layer of small rocks in the bottom.

2. Pick and Plant your Herbs
Plant small herb plants approximately 4″ apart in organic potting soil (if planting in one large container). You may need to thin the plants as they mature, (just use a pair of tweezers)! My favorite herbs to plant are dill, cilantro and mint.

3. Pick a Spot
Place your containers in a spot on your porch, patio or windowsill that is bright, but not in direct sunlight.

4. Just add Water
Water your herb container garden weekly or when the soil dries out. Add organic fertilizer once the plants begin to mature.

5. Enjoy
Simply snip and enjoy your own fresh organic herbs all season long.

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