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Hello Friends. Can you believe it is already May? Summer is right around the corner! I am excited to spend another summer break with Eben. Isn’t summer break one of the lovely things about being a Mom? Every May, I like to sit down with Eben and talk about the summer activities that he hopes to do.

A few years ago, I would send Eben to a gardening camp during the summer, which was fantastic. However, I really enjoy the time that he and I get to spend together, so I want to stick closer to home and plan summer activities that we can enjoy every day together.

We do have a few camping trips on the calender, which is always good fun. Also, we are seriously considering a eco-tourism trip to Costa Rica. And Eben’s grandmother and favorite cousin are coming to town for a two week visit in June. Does it get any better than that?

The rest of the summer I want to spend growing garden goodies, hanging out at the beach, reading books under a big tree in the park, and creating memories with Eben. We are still making our list of ideas for the summer.

Are there any summer activities that you think we should definitely add to our calender? Do you have anything eco-friendly planned for the summer?  Or, your go-to summer plans? We would love to hear them and possibly add them to our list! Once we are finished making a summer plan, I will share our calender.

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